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Car Series

The automobile is inextricably wound up in American culture. Love it or hate it, glory in its freedom or bemoan its noxious fumes, it is arguably the single unifying symbol of American freedom. People in the far places of the world may not be able to quote from the Declaration of Independence, but they know that “all of us” have cars!

However the Automobile is singularly (some would say distressingly) short lived for an Icon. Drive it new off the lot and it immediately loses value. Use it as it was intended and it wears out. If you were to buy a car and a puppy on the same day you will most likely enjoy the dog’s company for many years after the car has been crushed and recycled. Yet it is tempting and even natural to view the created thing as permanent. We are after all physical beings within a physical world. Mortality is very easy to ignore. So, in these paintings I have shown the very newest and most expensive of cars as old mouldering abandoned wrecks as a way of expressing the ephemeral nature of all things.

But you know, in 2040 you might be walking through a field and see a car rotting away that was worth a quarter of a million dollars back in 2004. All is but dust, even the image and message is mortal.

"The Burrow"
"The Ghost"
"Fallen Leaves"
"Pine Needles"
"The Wasps Nest"
"Falling Cars"

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