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Artist Statement

There is a gulf between the world that we see and the reality that lies behind it. As physical creatures we naturally view the physical world as the cornerstone of our existence. Conversely, we tend to view the spiritual world as impermanent. Friendship, fidelity, faith, love, even ideas-the world of the mind, are not easily quantified. We can not touch or taste them, and like wind blowing over the grass, their effects are all we can see. Yet this "impermanent" world can have much greater permanency than physical objects. Buildings need maintenance and eventually fall down or are replaced, while friendships can span continents and generations. Cars break down or rust away, but love can be eternal. Even cities can fall into dust, while civilization itself (Eastern, Western, African, or Oceanic) rests on ideas that are very ancient.

This gulf between spirit and body, mind and matter is what I try to explore in my paintings. Radically changing an object's context in place or time allows me to use it as a symbol, both examining the underpinnings of society and rethinking how I view life.

Matt Andrade


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